Monday, 18 May 2015

13 Self Tanning Tips


In high school and a bit into college, I was working as a manager at a local tanning salon. I was tanning daily and it was bliss as far as I was concerned. Until I got a bit older and realized how dumb I was being. Not only was I risking skin cancer but I was also going to age myself quicker than I should have and nobody wants to look like that wrinkly, creepy & leather-ed face tan mom, right? Right. That’s when I decided that I needed self tanning tips that weren’t going to one day kill me or my looks. I went from a tanning bed junkie to a self-tan junkie. I traded one for the other because I’ve never been one to embrace my paleness. I like color. I like to have a bit of a bronze, especially in the summer.

Let’s just say this was NOT an easy task! I’ve been orange, streak, dirty looking and stuck with a tan that made me look like an oompa loompa. That’s fun for no one. I wanted to share some of my best self tanning tips with y’all so that you could get that pretty, sun-kissed, touch of color look that you want for summer without turning crazy looking!full read



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